Aldora Teaser | Short Film (2014)

ALDORA (Gift With Wings)

Teaser concept of an upcoming Short Animation film made in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

When mankind’s fate seems doomed, someone will defy his odds in a journey to find a long forgotten hope.


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ALDORA (Regalo con Alas)
Teaser conceptual para un corto de animación, realizado en Cinema 4D y After Effects. 

Cuando el destino de la humanidad parece condenado, alguien desafiará su suerte en una búsqueda para encontrar la esperanza perdida.


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Concept and Design

Sci-Fi Universe

During 2013 i took nearly a year off my work to learn and experiment with various kind of media: videography, photography and Motion Graphics. I had this strong impression that the future of digital communication would be, during the following years, very much influenced by this disciplines, and i had to get around them my own way.

From among several projects, I investigated for a few months with Cinema 4D, After Effects, Zbrush and Premiere, trying to understand and get a hang of most of the tools and procedures: from video editing, compositing and mapping 3D environments, to modeling, rigging and animating.

The objective was to create a short animated picture of around 5 minutes, for which i developed a full concept ( Artboards, Script and Storyboarding), and started creating the assets i would need for the story.

The project was parked temporarily due to lack of time, as i started different contracting works, but the results obtained in those few months were very promising. Nowadays, the project is alive and currently in production.


 Stills and Final Result of Scenes

All environments were created in 3D using Cinema 4D, and then taken to After Effects for special effects. The final compositing and editing was done using Adobe Premiere. I used Soundbooth for the sound editing.

The Labyrinth:



Isolated Sea:



Theatrum Mundis:




Opening Titles:





Promotional Poster and Logos

cartel_aldora logo_aldora_whitebg

Character Design

Modeling and Rigging