Iluba | Online Savings Portal


Iluba was a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers developed by Zed and started on March 2011. It featured cost savings in everyday brands and services, allowing it’s users to get discounts of up to 200 euros a month. In addition users could also benefit of direct gifts and sweepstakes by being partners.

Iluba also featured special deals with companies like Shell Petrol Stations, Telepizza, NH Hotels, Iberia, Air Europa, BMW or Sun Planet.

Being part of the Alvento Group , it benefited from advanced technological platforms which allowed Iluba to provide solutions across any mobile channel (SMS , MMS , WAP / GPRS, etc.) on any technology (GSM , TDMA, CDMA , 3G, etc.).

Development and Results

As lead web programmer and Graphic designer in the Marketing Department for the project i delivered communication pieces for all sort of media: MT Billing, Web Transactions, Subscription models, Transaction Fee, Pay Per download, WAP Services…

I actively participated on the overall look and graphic design for the website and promo campaigns for the brand, as well as in the Social Media campaigns for the daily promotions.

During its first 5 months of activity Iluba reached 2 million users via social networks. After the first 18 months Zed introduced products and services specially focused on mobile couponing and services for B2C and C2C. The project had great success in Spain for two years, in which it managed to corner other international competitors like Groupon.

The project was discontinued by the company on 2013, as the division evolved to other new markets related with multimedia contents and services ( social e-games, mobile apps.)

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