Linked Finance|Digital Marketing Plan


Creating a Marketing Plan for an integrated Digital Marketing Campaign aimed at small business owners in the food sector. The objective of the campaign is to use digital communications to generate inbound marketing leads for the sales team.

The Plan

Delivering a simple idea wich drives to action: we  achieve that with a clear message, focused on a specific microsite only for the business owners.



The Process

Foundations for a Full Digital Marketing Strategy and Communication

Taking into account a limited budget we build an strong strategy to cover all  the main communication channels.

  1. Research. Digital research of businesses ( homepages, Facebook, Twitter and linkedin networking) Set goals. Prepare guidelines for the correct data
  2. Development. Creating the microsite and the animated elements for the campaign
  3. Advertisement. PPC campaigns / Website Banners on specialized media. Deliver a campaign focused on this sector, taking into account tags and delivering a simple message. Stablishing a daily budget by media and making iterative corrections over the weeks.
  • Adwords Campaign ( written ads, banners)
  • Twitter & Facebook Campaign
  • Youtube Campaign (animation)

If any of this tasks could be accomplished in-house the costs would be reduced and it would be available to boost the PPC campaigns.

Newsletter E-Mailing campaign would have no cost at this stage, as we can use Mailchimp ( Afordable Email Marketing platform) wich offers 2000 free Emails at monthDepending on the length of our database we can see how many emails to send ( not more than 1 or 2 at week).  We can always upgrade to a paid service if needed.


The Tools

Our main promotion tools for this campaign are:

  • Specific microsite aimed at the small and middle business owners.
  • Social Media and content generation ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Youtube)
  • Email Marketing ( Mailchimp)
  • PPC ( Adwords, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads)


The duration of the marketing plan is 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the research and development stage.

The first 2-4 weeks we prepare the elements for the campaign, do the research and create our mailing database. During the next 4 weeks we deliver the marketing campaign and do the necessary corrections.


Concept and Design

Creating a memorable Visual Communication

Using the corporate branding guide as a reference i reviewed their identity to come up with visual concepts that integrated not only their look and feel but also their message.

Linked Finance prouds itself to be one of Irelands first crowdfunding companies for small and middle businesses, achieving to get in contact investors and business owners while skipping the banks. That “linking” process is their key value, and i wanted to represent that in a graphical way.

Communication had to be both friendly and agile, while maintaining its consistency and purpose.

I came up with an elegant way of achieving that by using a very clean and simple iconographic communication for all the elements, as well as using the simple line to merge all concepts together. This creates a visual journey that draws the users eyes attention from beginning to end, and drives them through all the process from point A to B without ever breaking the chain.


Preliminary Mockup Sketch – Conceptual Stage

Refining Process. Final Communication Elements ( Illustrator / Photoshop)


Stage 1: Mail Marketing

Reach your target, arise interest

Newsletter sent to current database using MailChimp. Clear and simple message with call to action.

The goal, for them to visit the microsite, and learn in less than one minute what LinkedFinance can do for their business.


Stage 2: Microsite / Animation

 Unravel the Communication 


HTML5/CSS3. Responsive
Clean OnePage navigation, Html5 Video Background and integration with Social Media, Vimeo video and Contact Form.


Motion Graphics Spot 30’’
It can easily be adapted to diferent targets making variations on the icons and their “story”.

Illustrator / After Effects / Premiere


Preliminary Mockup Sketch – Conceptual Stage


Microsite Visuals

Stills & Animation


Linked Finance – Campaign Concept “Fund your Business” from Asís Martín-Oar on Vimeo.