Publishing | SMARTBOX (2016/17)

Desktop Publishing | Box Product Redesign


From  January 2016 to April 2017, as Senior Desktop Publisher, i was involved in the full rebranding and redesign for the product boxes for the SMARTBOX Group products. I managed 2 teams at the Studio: Photo Retouching Team and SC Publishing Team.

Photo Retouching – Managing partners photography for website and new booklet collection.

SC Publishing Team – Part of the Publishing Rebranding process, assembling booklets for each product.

Tools and Process

We as a team managed to create from scratch a workflow that allowed us to reinvent the way Product catalogs were created for the business, resulting in the development of around 80 new booklets for the French market during that first year. The process as since evolved and increased it´s accuracy and productivity,  but is still based on the foundations the original Studio Team assembled, and it has been adopted for the whole production in more than 15 countries.

Here are a few stills of some of the products we  redesigned. We used mainly Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge for the retouching process, and Indesign with the Easy Catalog Module for the publishing process..

Box Product

Creating a memorable Visual Communication



Easy Catalog