Website | AMODIGITAL v4 (2011)


– Full reference of projects ranging 2002 to 2010 on request –


Website Stills & Description

Follow the red signs…

Entrance, the homepage: Enter the organisation. Get to know the different spaces of the vault, and discover the dark secret that lies within: the transference of the subjects mind into a gigantic robot.


Laboratory, the bio section: Get to know the subject and download it’s specifications ( CV).


Control Room, the web design projects: explore different web projects developed during the last years.


Transference Room, the illustration projects: meet the artist through his personal sketches.


Hidden Forest, the print media projects: all this experiments drive consequences on the environment and its fauna. Get to see some of the print media developed during the last years.


The End of the world, contact section and miscelanea: get in touch with the author and visit his other accounts on Flickr and Youtube for some more projects.