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Towards a Connected Lifestyle

Internet of Things

One of the biggest challenges for Three in 2021, once 5G is finally implemented throughout Ireland, will be the introduction into their Services portfolio of what we have called ‘The Connected Life’.

All of this will be featured through our ‘Store of the Future’, a new concept of physical and virtual Store focused on promoting a Digitally Connected Lifestyle.

Three's Connected Home

After 6 months of intense work we are currently Testing our initial Pilot for an App which will allow for customers to control both Three and third parties IoT devices. Customer will be able to control and automate cameras, sensors, plugs, alarms, heating…

I have Lead the UX/UI, Visual Design and Interaction for the whole project, from the start to the current Stage.

Three's Tracking Systems

Movement Trackers for people, pets and physical objects will be integrated shortly into our main IoT App. That way we will be able to control all our ‘At Home’ and ´Beyond Home´ devices inside the same dashboard. This involves some UX challenges which we at the Studio are tackling at the moment with our trackers provider.

Three's Connected Car

A multi featured proposition that will grant customers access to a wide range of services on their cars:

  • 24x7 car WiFi
  • Tamper and Theft Alerts
  • Notifications of mechanical issues
  • Drivers Behaviour monitoring
  • Ability for car tracking and journey views
  • Access to discounts on Third party Services
  • This project is currently on hold after the Discovery Stage which took place at the end of 2019. Due to the complexity of the market the business is looking to close deals with leading companies in the automobile sector in order to assure a profitable and stable service.